Recommended Resources

A biblical and Christ-honoring ministry should be able to point Christians to other faithful herolds of God’s Word. Here is a list of other faithful ministries to deepen your understanding of Scripture and help you grow in holiness.

Our YouTube Channel - The vast majority of CBC’s pulpit ministry is recorded and stored on our YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out.

Grace to You - Many Christians have been blessed by the teaching and preaching of John MacArthur. Through 50+ years of faithful ministry, he has preached his way through the entire New Testament. All of that precious material can be found here:

S. Lewis Johnson Institute - One might say that straight-line exposition was perfected by S. Lewis Johnson. Much of his preaching ministry can be accessed here:

The Pastor’s Brief - The Pastor’s Brief is Andy’s blog that is meant to supplement the pulpit ministry here at Calvary. Here you can find more thorough reviews of recommended books, sneak-peeks and overviews of the text about to be preached, and articles addressing Christian living and theology.